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August 4, 2012
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Team Rocket Generations- Make it Double! by xeternalflamebryx Team Rocket Generations- Make it Double! by xeternalflamebryx
I was 2 years late in the debate lol but i apparently heard that Team Rocket gets a complete "reboot" in the newest Pokemon series: Best of Wishes. Compare to the older seasons, the new team rocket (black suit) are much more serious and less humor. while i dont have a problem with the new team rocket, i kinda missed the old ones as well lol. so i thought "hey, why not mix the two seasons to one situation (like a time traveling paradox) to see how they would react to each other." some fans miss the old rockets, other fans prefer the new rockets. what about you?
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When I talk to people who likes pokemon I ask then what's the best and worst gen for the anime. most of them said that Best wishes was the worst series by far and I can see where they're coming from and I asked them is there one thing you like about best wishes most of them said team rocket. And I can see that I mean you have to admit, that they are funny in the old one blasting off it does get old after a while and in the new one I like how they take their jobs seriously but I do with it was explained more why they're serious and they can at least crack a joke or 2. Cause I know Batman can do that. I could explain why people are saying that best wishes was bad but it'll be too long to post but whatever you do don't mention the "Panpor VS Pikachu" fight cause boy were they pissed off. Such a shame that they didn't explain why they're serious so I'll pull out a theory that they got blasted off so hard that their funny bone breaks and then got it replaced with the serious bone.
yeah i can totally see where your coming from. i think its more of a nostalgic thing then anything. team rocket did turn back to their own selves again.
The new serious black-suited Team Rocket SUCKS! I'd prefer the old funny white-suited Team Rocket! Not to mention Wobbuffet returns in the final episode of the Pokémon Best Wishes Series called "The Dream Continues".
that is true but they return to their usual selves in the recent episodes. this pic is a tad dated lol
The new Team Rocket is
psychopikachu2001 Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The new are pretty cool but I love thw old generations way to much so old is better in my opinion.
psychopikachu2001 Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SchAlternate Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's great they started to be a bit more competent now... BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME!!
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