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The series Chips n Grapes is about the zany shenanigans of fan girls, Samantha and Roxanne and their unstable friends. These 5 women dont see the need to grow up too quickly and get there kicks from pop culture, games, movies, anime, music and....a bunch of other awesomeness lol. Just four losers (Brydgett thinks she the exception) surviving life one level at a time.
Sorry i didn't get to post this soon , but i really appreciated all the bday wishes yesterday! =D


Gravity Falls Cosplay- Post Apocalyptic Dipper by xeternalflamebryx
Gravity Falls Cosplay- Post Apocalyptic Dipper
This is my cosplay I design for this years New York Comic Con. Its my own interpretation of Dipper Pines from gravity falls but set in a post apocalyptic setting. I guess you can call it an older Dipper lol. I REALLY want Alex Hirsch to see this cosplay! and thank you :iconvaness96: for the photography 
OC Collab: Chips vs Grapes! by xeternalflamebryx
OC Collab: Chips vs Grapes!
I just want to take this moment to thank EVERYONE who partipating in this project! The idea of using artist's orginal characters has always stuck around and I have
you huys to thank for making this a reality =D Due to an overwhemling amount of requests, some orginal ideas had to be cut like brydgett, abby and lilly, comeplete body
hieghts, and interactions among the characters but I felt this method for the project work just as well. The series "Chips n Grapes" is a bit of an metaphor for "opposites".
The term of these opposites corrosponds to the main characters Samantha and Roxanne (Samantha = Chips, Roxanne = Grapes). With that in mind, i kept the spirt of my series
by spliting all the partipates OC's on which side i felt they fitted apprioately. One side featuring charcaters that i feel Samantha would get along better with, or share
simmilar character traits of her and vise versa for Roxanne. Kinda of look at it as if Samantha and Roxanne travel different dimensions to gather people like them to fight
it off lol.

(#CHIPS)top section left to right:

Indyz owned by :iconsydsydrox:
Bucky owned by :iconmrawesome1999:
Roxanne owned by :icontjlive5:
Buddy owned by :icondangereye98:
(get name)
Darby owned by :iconmonstrouspegasister:
Travis owned by :iconvaness96:
Tea Mercyful owned by :icondevantartiser:
Dr.Neodymium owned by :icontricerspike:
Samantha Rivers owned by me :iconxeternalflamebryx:

Farley owned by :iconstickyblazi:
Amy owned by :icona-kthelittlefairy:
Mei Hua owned by :iconmisteryeevee:
Alexis owned by :iconiza200117:
Allen Ravenix owned by :iconallenravenix:
Polly Anna owned by :iconcloudcuckooman:
Alcha Emy owned by :iconsaraphimwolf:
Johnny owned by :iconjohnnylodeonstudio:
Fetch owned by :iconzirocoh:
Nick owned by :iconeeveeboy06:
Dick owned by :iconsartoons:

(#GRAPES)bottom section left to right:

Wally owned by :iconforestbugda:
Jeannette owned by :iconsuperfangirl13:
Navi P Vargas owned by :iconsonamydbz:
Ninteen owned by :iconpictureonprogress:
Dylan owned by :icondylanofdisney:
Nate owned by :iconnate-spidgewood:
Manuel owned by :iconmrmanuel00:
Jeff owned by :iconjfmstudios:
Smiles owned by :iconinternet-hog:
Ora owned by :iconkrazy-dog:
Roxanne Miles owned by me :iconxeternalflamebryx:
Rowena owned by :icondragoness100:
Garrett owned by :iconobsidiannova71:
Sarah Ashlock owned by :icondarkmirroremo23:
Nathan owned by :iconcielodemar:
Phil Smiles owned by :iconpopman71:
Leon Fox the Cronolord owned by :iconpokemontristan:
Veronica owned by :iconronekimew:
Kurisu owned by :iconredthehedgehog14:
Fi owned by :iconmartynm:
Chips n Grapes- Confessions by xeternalflamebryx
Chips n Grapes- Confessions
Here's a little subject I don't normally touch on usually but I felt it would be an interesting different take. The cast of Chips n Grapes are usually shown to be
very eccentric, humorous and mostly very light hearted. But past those barriers leave some very deep issues that each girls tends to go through. Now granted
Chips n Grapes isn't become a "darker or serious series", but with this pic, I wanted to display the cast oh having much more deeper and complex personalities that
really define them as characters. And each of the girls have relatable issues makes them seem even more real. As a happy go lucky guy I usually am, i can easily relate
to some of the girls confessions here.

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