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The series Chips n Grapes is about the zany shenanigans of fan girls, Samantha and Roxanne and their unstable friends. These 5 women dont see the need to grow up too quickly and get there kicks from pop culture, games, movies, anime, music and....a bunch of other awesomeness lol. Just four losers (Brydgett thinks she the exception) surviving life one level at a time.


Chips n Grapes- Animated Style 3rd Place Winner by xeternalflamebryx
Chips n Grapes- Animated Style 3rd Place Winner
Here's the pic of the 3rd place winner: The Fairly Odd Parents, picked by you guys to have the the cast of Chips n Grapes look like in that different
animated style. Im personally fond of Samy and Roxy actually being fairly odd parednts to Lilly and Abby lol. Next month the whole cast will be drawn
in the style of the second place series winner: Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Thank you all for particpating! :D

From left to right:
Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney- Need a Hero? by xeternalflamebryx
Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney- Need a Hero?
In the mid 2000s action cartoon were a pretty big genre in the animation world. Whether they had super powers or not, secret identies but most importantley in
their teenage years, it a was very prominendt back then. Ive took some of these heroes into one crossover to celebrate that era of cartoons in a
heroic sense. Who's your favorite hero?

presented in this pic left to right:

Jake Long
Ben Tennyson
Cornelius Fillmore
Danny Phantom
Kim Possible
Juniper Lee
Jenny Wakeman
First of all, thanks for everybody's for there time and contribution for the votings of the best styles to get a chance to get there own fully inspired pic in the future. =D it was CRAZY close for the winner votes! So close that i decided to alternate the rules a bit. But first the grand series winners are:

3rd place- The Fairly Odd Parents (with 7 votes)
2nd place- Ed, Edd n Eddy (with 8 votes)
1st place- Invader Zim (with 9)

the other votes was so crazy close that i decided to do a runner up pic featuring the the four series in a 4 pannel pic represneting thiere show (kind of like a 4 mini pics in one as aspose to the full pics the 3 will be revieving. the series for the shared runner up pic are:

4th place-South Park
4th place- Pokemon
4th place- Sailor moon
4th place- Archie

All these pics will come during time through the future mix in with some other art that i'll be working on. But once again I want to just THANK you guys participating in this. this would of not happen without you guys!

and in case you guys were wondering, here are the full sheet of results from your votes:
(series )      (votes)
6teen            (2)
south park      (5)
invader zim    (9)
the simpsons   (4)
pokemon        (5)
sailor moon     (5)
panty and stocking    (4)
scott pilgrim   (4)
ren and stimpy     (1)
dragon ball z (4)
lucky star (1)
popeye (2)
archie   (5)
ed edd n eddy (8)
my little pony (4)
bob burgers (2)
farily odd parents (7)
total drama island (3)
power puff girls (3)
regular show(3)
disney (3)
duck tales (1)
muppets (3)
milky way (2)
phineas and ferb (2)
gravity falls (4)
lucky fred (1)
daria (3)
adventure time (3)
rugrats (2)

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